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Welcome to Motivation for Life

Have you ever stopped to wonder, what this life is all about
Does it sometimes feel so tough, that you want to scream and shout
Do you ever wonder why, you sometimes do the things you do
Instead of doing other things, that you really wanted to!

Has life become a habit, where you feel you have no say
And the rut you're in begins to feel, a bit like groundhog day!
Do you feel that something's missing, somewhere deep within your core
And even though you've got it all, you wonder if there's more

Are you stressed, de-motivated, unfulfilled, or tired from all the worry
With so much to do and not enough time, all you can do is hurry
Does your mind take on a life of its own, as thoughts go round and round
Driving yourself so crazy, that your head begins to pound

Are you happy in your relationships with family and friends
Or are you alone and wondering, if the loneliness will end
Well, if you're ready and really want, to change the things you do!
Then I guarantee that LIFE COACHING, really CAN HELP you


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